Past B.C. Canadian Champions
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B.C. Tournament Masters National Champions
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1975 Mens Team
Wayne Davies,Jim Turner, Ray Walz, Ron McLellan, Bob Carter

1978 Ladies Single
Jane Bachman
1978 Ladies Team
Mary Bakewell, Toni Paulger, Evie Weinberger, Carol Paulger, Louise Paulhus
1980 Mens Single
Kip Smith
1982 Mens Single
Wayne Davies

1980 Ladies Team

Evie Weinberger, Jane Bachman, Louise Paulhus, Jeane Kosciuk, Marg Patterson, Don Handley (Coach)

1981 Mens Team

Ray Walz, Wayne Davies, Ron Sandnes, Ron McLellan, Kip Smith, Jim Turner (Coach)

1981 Ladies Team

Rose McDole, Louise Paulhus, Melba Handley (Coach), Louise Halford, Jane Bachman, Toni Paulger

1984 Ladies Team

Leslie Baliss (Coach), Marg Patterson, Mary Bakewell, Ev Nicol, Pat Waybourne, Louise Paulhus

1984 Mens Single

Doug Mosdell
1985 Ladies Single

Jane Bachman
1990 Mens Team

Darrell Baily, Don Eakin, Doug Oye, Ray Walz, Larry Johnson (Coach), Dave Gourley
1997 Mens Single

Bob Herman

1999 Ladies Single

Kim Chadwick